World Health Organization Held a COVID-19 Press Conference

On 30 July 2021, at the WHO press conference, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyosus started his speech with his experience in Bahrain and Kuwait, where WHO opened two new county offices. He visited to see several facilities that were set up to oppose COVID-19 in both countries and praised the innovative ideas and approaches they use to fight against the pandemic.
Now, WHO has 152 country offices in addition to the new one, Bahrain and Kuwait. It appears that these offices are central to everything which does for the improvement of these country’s health systems. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyosus informed that he was invited specially to address the International Olympic Committee in Tokyo. For this, he shows gratitude to them.


He said that the pandemic would end when the word chooses to complete it as it is in our hands. He also stated that the world has the tools to prevent, test, and treat the disease. He claimed since the last press conference. The COVID -19 cases are not reducing WHO reported 4 million cases last week. They expect the number of points to reach 200 million within the next two weeks, so it’s underestimated.

He informed that on average, of 5 WHO regions, infections increased by 80% even though it might be nearly double over the past four weeks; it’s the same case in Africa. It appears that the Delta variant drives a large number of expansions. It’s detected at least in 132 countries. WHO reports that the continuously changing COVID-19 is still in effect, so it continues to change. So far, they show four variants have emerged. He suspected there would be more in the future as long as COVID-19 continues.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyosus, responsible for social mixing and mobility, the inconsistent use of public health, social measures, and inequitable vaccine youth. The growing number of cases is creating a shortage of treatments. Twenty-nine countries are highly in need of Oxygen. Many counties have insufficient supplies of pieces of equipment to protect all front-line health workers.

Meanwhile, he reported that testing rates in low-income countries are less than 2% than in high-income countries. He also said it’s essential to better the testing rates globally to fight COVID-19. He assured that WHO is helping countries with Oxygen and guldens to detect the variants better. They will continue to work daily with their global experts to research why the delta variant spread quickly. They need more robust surveillance to improve strategy, and global understand. He says that WHO needs patients to receive early clinical treatment by well-trained and protected health workers with more Oxygen and a system to deliver the serves and the tools to protect lives and vaccines.

WHO announced that they set up a technology transfer hub for MRMA vaccines in Sought Africa to scale up vaccines. They have taken another step with a letter of intent that sets out the terms of collaborations signed in MIHAB.
WHO set its target to support all countries to vaccinate at least 10% of their total population number by the end of September, 40% by the end of this year, 70% by the middle of next year.

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