Why Watch My Neighbor Totoro For Real Enjoyment

Everyone knows the story of My Neighbor Totoro, the adorable “little” girl who moves into the house next to yours and becomes the friend you never had. But there’s a lot more to this remarkable film than meets the eye, and it’s fascinating to learn how it was made. For starters, My Neighbor Totoro was a massive project that took about three years to complete.

watch my neighbor totoro

I grew up watching the movies, and it was a joy to re-live the magic of Studio Ghibli again as I watch My Neighbor Totoro. The little girl with pigtails has the power to make any environment magical and beautiful, the garden she creates with terracotta pots and flowers, the mansion she builds with her father. This pet cat bus driver has the power to make the most adventures realistic.

My Neighbor Totoro Character Description

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In the movie watch my neighbor totoro, there is a character named Totoro, a small creature with a big appetite who lives in a large tree. He is mainly seen eating small animals that live in the forest and drinking the water from the well at the neighborhood children’s house. My Neighbor Totoro was released in Japan in 1988 and was released in the US in 1989. The movie was the most successful movie of 1988 and has continued to be a popular children’s film. The movie is based on the book by the same name by Jiro Taniguchi, which was released in the US in 1987. Below are some other characters-

Tatsuo Kusakabe 


Tatsuo Kusakabe is Satsuki and Mei’s dad. He is a teacher at a college. Satsuki has a well-disposed and cheerful relationship with her dad. They appear to get along quite well, and she likes how hard he attempts to deal with her and Mei. 

Yasuko Kusakabe 

Satsuki respects her mom. Yasuko is hospitalized from a mysterious disease, and Satsuki misses her. She continually stresses that her mom will pass on. Satsuki additionally shows that she needs to have hair like a mother, which potentially represents her appreciation for her mom’s quiet character characteristics also. 

Kanta Ogaki 

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watch my neighbor totoro Kanta is Satsuki’s colleague. He starts approaching Satsuki with a bushel with cake from Granny, yet doesn’t discuss it with her. Then, at that point, he quickly ran outside and hollered, “Hello! You in there! Your home is spooky!” and stuck his tongue out. Satsuki accepting this as extremely impolite and stuck her tongue outback. 

Satsuki staying her tongue out at Kanta 

She later reacted to the circumstance by saying, “I disdain young men.” She is happy he brought the cake, however. Afterward, he offers her an umbrella, and she is grateful for it, even though he was discourteous while providing it to her. Eventually, he assists her with searching for Mei, and she is thankful for all the assistance. 


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Satsuki has regard for Granny. She is very amiable and kind towards her, perhaps because she is a pleasant senior.  Granny, here and there, deals with her and her sister while their dad is grinding away.

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