Now where is Amsterdam-  Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of the Netherlands.

where is amsterdam

It is located in the province of North Holland in the west of the country. As of 2017, the city has a population of 752,736 inhabitants. Since the province of North Holland was semi-independent from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Amsterdam became the city of its province within the Dutch Republic. In 1940, the town was occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II. In May 1940, it was annexed by Germany and incorporated into the “Reichskommissariat Niederschlesien.” The German government established Amsterdam as the capital of the “Provinz Rijnland” (Province of Rhenish Lower-Rhine), the Reichskomm.


Amsterdam Hotels

Amsterdam is consistently rated as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With its breathtaking architecture, canals, and quaint neighborhoods, this vibrant city is the ultimate destination for those seeking a vacation filled with exciting experiences rather than just relaxing and enjoying the scenery. However, it’s not all about natural beauty. Most visitors to Amsterdam seek to experience something more. They want to go out and see the exciting nightlife, taste the best food, and spend their time meeting new people from all over the world. For those who want to experience Amsterdam more, there are many stylish hotels in the city to choose from.


Amsterdam has been attracting more and more travelers each year, and for a good reason. The city is beautiful, and there’s a lot to do and see. But, what’s the best way to experience Amsterdam? Here are some of our favorite things to do in the city


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Rijksmuseum is a museum of art and history in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is the national museum of the Netherlands. It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. It was founded in 1805. It’s one of the most visited places in the Netherlands. It is a museum, art gallery, and art history research institute.

Anne Frank House 


It is, without a doubt, one of the world’s most famous houses. A visit to the Anne Frank House shows the incredible impact of the Holocaust on her family. After noticing the Germans were confiscating their property, the family went into hiding. They struggled to find food when they were in hiding, and their house was raided three times.

Van Gogh Museum 

On December 2, 2017, the world lost one of the great artists of all time, Vincent Van Gogh (1853–1890). The life of Van Gogh is truly fascinating; he was a world-renowned painter during his lifetime, but his work was largely unappreciated for decades after his death. Today, his paintings are one of the top attractions in the world, with many of his masterpieces fetching millions of dollars.

I’m planning a trip to Amsterdam in the fall, and I’m a big fan of the Van Gogh Museum. It’s one of my favorite museums, and I’ve visited it many times, so I’m excited to get the chance to write about it finally. The Van Gogh Museum is a museum in Amsterdam dedicated to Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. The museum is located in the Museum Square near the Rijksmuseum. The museum has over 80,000 works by Van Gogh in its collection. I’ll be visiting the museum in October for the first time, and I can’t wait!


Amsterdam’s Begijnhof (literally beg “beg” + “hinhof” ‘home’) is a residential complex of about a dozen or so beautiful wooden-beam houses, which were built in the 16th and 17th centuries to serve as a community for married parish priests. The complex is home to the Dutch National Monument, a museum that exhibits images of the region’s former history. The Begijnhof is a quiet, serene spot and a great place to settle in for a minute, but it is also a popular tourist destination.


 Begijnhof is a historic square in the center of the city of Amsterdam. The Begijnhof dates back to the 16th century when Franciscan nuns first built it. The largest church inside the Begijnhof is the Church of St. James, which dates back to the 12th century.

Amsterdam’s West Church 

The West Church is a congregation of the Reformed Church in America, founded in 1787, and has a community in Albany, New York. Its church in the Netherlands was designed by the famous Dutch architect Jacobus Oud in 1732. The church is located at the Singelgracht and the Herengracht junction and has white walls and red roofs. 

Wandering through Amsterdam’s streets, one soon finds some churches. Many of them are built centuries old, but was the city once home to a large Jewish population? The answer is yes, and if so, then many of these Catholic churches hold a large number of important Jewish-related artifacts.



The Vondelpark is a public park in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Its archaeological name of the Vondelpark, who was a famous Dutch poet in the 17th century. It has 31 hectares, of which 12 hectares are dedicated to walkways and bike paths. The largest part of the park is around the pond “the Vondel,” with 17 hectares. The Vondelpark in Amsterdam is a vast green oasis that seamlessly blends into the city, offering a respite from the capital’s bustling streets. But it’s not the only park in town, and the Vondelpark is far from the foremost beautiful place to visit. Here’s a list of other stunning parks and gardens you can explore during your stay in the Amsterdam Capital Region.

Heineken Brewery

Where is Amsterdam, a city that is known by the world for its beautiful cityscape? In recent times it has also become famous for its Heineken beer factory, which is among the world’s largest. The factory is located in the city center, which is the city’s heart. However, the brewery is not the only attraction.


Heineken is one of the world’s largest brewing companies, and it has one of the most interesting stories behind it. Founded in 1864 as a family brewery by Gerard Adriaan Heineken (some still believe he was a vampire.), it has been credited with being the world’s first truly global beer brand. During World War II, Heineken was instrumental in keeping Allied troops supplied with beer, which helped the Dutch government resist the German invasion. It soon became one of the country’s most valuable national brands, and it is now owned by the Dutch brewing giant AB InBev.

Royal Palace Of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, is one of the most unique and interesting cities in the world. With its numerous canals, polders, museums, and a host of other attractions, Amsterdam is a city that those that are true travelers will enjoy. In fact, during the 17th century, many of the city’s canals were built as defense systems against potential invaders. Today, the historical nature of Amsterdam can still be seen in its architecture, openness, and cultural diversity.

I’m a traveler, and I love to share my experiences with others. I’ve been to many places in my life, but I still enjoy exploring new cities and countries. Recently I visited Amsterdam, a city I’ve always wanted to see. I went there to enjoy the city’s beauty and to enjoy its famous nightlife. I ended up staying in Amsterdam for a week. I spent a lot of time touring the city’s sights and taking my favorite picture of the Royal Palace.

Bike City

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I am a bicycle lover, so I am always trying to find a new way to get around. This time I wanted to see Amsterdam and have some cycling time. I love cycling around the city and the beautiful view of the city. Amsterdam is such a beautiful city that it would be nice to bike around to get the best idea.

EYE-Film Museum

Amsterdam, the EYE-Film Museum, is a museum of photography founded in 1983 by photographer Michel Rodenbach and is a must-see for any photography fan. There are over 20,000 photographs on display throughout the museum, depicting some of the best photographers of the 20th century. Focusing on the photographers’ lives, the collection of photos is a window into their passions and the lives they lived.

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A few years ago, I was struggling with my photography. I wasn’t sure whether I was a good enough photographer even to publish my photographs on the internet to share with my friends and family. I then found myself in an opportunity to experience EYE-Film Museum in Amsterdam. This museum is a must-see for all photographers out there, and the fact that it is free is an added plus. In addition, a visit to this museum has opened my eyes to the world of photography.

The Rozentheater

The Rozentheater is a Dutch theater that has been showing a trilogy of plays about the Dutch Sinterklaas legend for the past few years. Last December, I saw “Sinterklaas en Zwarte Piet” (“Sinterklaas and Black Peter”) at the theater. It was quite a good play, but the production values of the theater were fantastic. The set was huge, with beautiful wooden sculptures and other decorations, and the costumes and make-up were very convincing.


I am a person who loves to travel and try new things. Meatloaf is my favorite food, so when I saw pictures of meatloaf in Amsterdam, I knew that I had to visit it. The restaurant itself was a complete disappointment, with very little atmosphere. However, the meatloaf was delicious, and I had a wonderful time. It is the kind of place that I could imagine visiting even if I weren’t on a trip.

De Bakkerswinkel

It’s a tradition in Amsterdam for people to ride on a longboat on a canal through the city. A ride on one of these boats is a unique experience, and the trip takes about an hour. You cannot take any pictures of the boats, but you can take photos of the surrounding scenery. The longboats are from the late 1800s and have been restored. At the end of the boat trip, you can see a beautiful canal house.

Before this trip, I had only ever been to Amsterdam once, which was in the summer. So, I was curious to see what the city was like at other times of the year. It is also a city where you can truly get lost, so I wanted to take some photos to show you exactly what I saw!

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