Things To Know Before You Buy Italian Pasta Online

Italian Pasta Online

Tasty food not only fills the stomach but also nourishes the soul. Talking about comfort food, we must include pasta in our list. Italian pasta is famed globally for its taste and flavor. There are different types of pasta, and each of these is used in specific recipes. Knowing about the different pasta types is paramount if you are a lover of pasta who wants to create different dishes out of it. However, if you cannot find them in your nearest grocery store, you can buy Italian pasta online. If you cannot get the desired pasta type, online portals are the best places to make a purchase.

The following section will highlight the different 9 types of Italian pasta


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One of the most popular types, this pasta is like thin noodles. You can cook it with different types of sauces and if you prefer eating simpler food, then team up spaghetti with garlic and olive oil. You can pair it with different sauces and enjoy a scrumptious and filling meal. You can easily buy Italian pasta online.


These have tube-like structures and have diagonal cuts at the end. These go well with thick and creamy sauce. The most popular dish is Penne Arrabbiata which you can buy Italian pasta online.

Penne pasta from Italy has developed to become one of the ten most well-known pasta noodles on the planet by volume. The little, circularly formed pasta for the most part looks like the tip of an older style plume or pen, which propelled the noodle’s solitary name, “penna.” In Sicily, Penne is loaded down with spinach and ricotta cheddar or finished off with tomato or cream sauces. In Liguria, durum wheat and fixings, in particular spinach, wheat, and tomatoes, make the tri-shading noodles that look like the Italian banner. Bigger sorts of Penne noodles are known as mostaccioli, and an assortment varies in surface with smooth or furrowed outsides.


These are thin sheets of pasta that make up the dish. These are used to prepare oven-baked dishes. The lasagne sheets are layered, and sauces are added to create a scrumptious meal. You can create a different combination of sauces to make your dish taste exemplary.

Ravioli- These are pillow-shaped squares and are highly versatile. You can serve them with veggies or simply serve them to those who have hot soup to ramp up its flavor.



These look like spaghetti and go well with creamy sauces or seafood, and you can buy Italian pasta online. Linguine is known for its long, slim, circular shape. It is well known in the district of Liguria, most outstandingly in the capital city of Genova, and is produced using durum wheat semolina flour. The surface and length of the noodles help to convey the commonplace fixings of pesto sauce or fish. Linguine noodles are regularly prepared with pesto, green beans, and potatoes, and today it is normally served during the primo course of lunch or supper in Italy before a fish or meat dish. As you travel through Italy, you can hope to observe linguine plans that incorporate anchovies and pine nuts or are utilized with shellfish sauce and different red sauces like arrabbiata.


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These are tube-like and have ridges on the outer side. They are wider and are cut into squares rather than having a diagonal shape like penne. These go well with chunky sauces, or you can also prepare baked dishes.


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They are also known as ‘bow-tie’ pasta. These look like a butterfly. They have a large surface area, and it goes well with cheese and tomato sauces. Some people also prefer it with grilled chicken. You can also use it as cold pasta.


It has spiraled shape and tastes well with meat sauces and chunky vegetables. You can also use it for baked pasta dishes. When you buy Italian pasta online, you must first acquaint yourself with the popular brands in the market.



One of the most seen kinds of pasta, their simple shape, and tubular structure gives it a unique look. These are loved with cheese sauce, and the very famous Mac n Cheese tastes the best with macaroni pasta.

The elbow molded Italian Macaroni pasta is one of Italy’s most well-known noodle shapes all over the planet. While the North American dish macaroni and cheddar and Victorian English sweet macaroni pudding use an efficiently manufactured variant of Macaroni, they could not hope to compare to the first that you will possibly observe when you travel to Italy. The little, somewhat bent, and cylindrical plan makes macaroni adaptable for baking dishes, soups, or anything with heartier vegetable sauces. Macaroni, produced using durum wheat, began in Northern and Central Italy and is gotten from the antiquated Greek dish of grain served in stock.


These come as flat pasta or pre-rolled large tubes stuffed with cheese. These are larger in shape and go well with tomato sauce or light sauce.

Cannelloni, likewise, alluded to as manicotti, is an Italian pasta with a cylinder or round and hollow shape that actions roughly three to four crawl long. The noodles are produced using durum wheat flour and water and are regularly loaded down with cheddar, meat, vegetables, or fish. It is generally served during the primo course of a conventional Italian lunch or supper before a meat or fish dish. “Cannelloni” in a real sense means “huge line,” and you can hope to observe these noodles usually presented with rich ragù besting, pureed tomatoes, or a good béchamel during your Italian voyages.

Here we have highlighted some of the best pasta choices you have in the market. People love having pasta; in fact, pasta is loved and cherished by people of all age groups. So, if you are drooling over the best pasta, buy Italian pasta online and treat your tastebuds today. Online stores are filled with many products and companies claiming to provide the best pasta. To get your hands on the best pasta, make sure that you only choose the best brand. Check their reviews and ratings. This will give you a glimpse of whether the pasta brand is good or not.

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