Privacy Policy

Roofrof has implemented some privacy and policy to keep everything neat and understandable. We are hoping you all act friendly and helpful with each other in our comment session, and abide by all the privacy and policy.

Information We Collect

We may ask you to provide some of your information to introduce you to our upgraded facilities although providing personal information is not mandatory.  We are collecting information to keep you updated about our very recent blogs, news, or facilities you can get. So it will be a wise decision to enlighten us about yourself so that we can reach you. To reach you we will need to know-

  • Your Name
  • Your E-mail

Usage of Personal Data

The Roofrof article website is a free online service that enables its readers to chat, debate, and discuss Roofrof topics in the Roofrof.  It does not sell any personal data to third-party co-operations. Roofrof requires personal information in order to provide its services, such as by sending emails with Roofrof Newsletters, enable Roofers to gain a higher profile, and recognize you as a Roofrof Reader to provide you with the best possible experience on Roofrof using online.

Information Protection

We know there is always an issue with protection but in this case, you don’t need to worry we have everything under control. Your information is completely safe in our care. Roofrof will not share, sell or rent your personal information with any third party without your prior consent. This is required under the Roofrof Privacy Policy. We will keep it secret from others. It is protected against distributed denial-of-service attacks also protected against unauthorized access, it has no malware. We regularly update its software that can be connected safely with Google Authenticator. It does not have a backdoor it takes great care in protecting reader data so you can have an environment in which privacy is valued and respected.