Planning a trip to the penal colony in Australia- The Great Barrier Reef, penal colony, and the history of Australia

Inmates live in a social, physical, and mental environment. We created, in the past, a barbed wire and concrete institutional barrier called a “penal colony.” This prison has been designed to turn the most violent and antisocial criminals into “model prisoners.” There is a very large, pronounced, and apparent difference between a penal colony and a prison. The former is a place where people break the law, commit illegal acts, and serve time. The latter is a facility where people are detained until criminal charges or convictions are heard. Corrections are a different thing from prisons.

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The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef and is located off the coast of Queensland, Australia. It is one of only four UNESCO World Heritage Sites globally and one of the only two in Australia. It has been rated by the World Heritage Committee as “in danger” and is currently listed as “strictly protected”—but is still listed as “in danger” by the Australian government.

Why it is called a penal colony

penal colony

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most magnificent and entertaining places in Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is so-called because it’s a significant barrier that protects other islands from ocean currents and storms. The reef was once a penal colony, and it was inhabited by prisoners sent here to build the roads, houses, and other structures for people living there. However, nowadays, we do not use this place as a prison but as a tourist attraction where you can go fishing or scuba diving to see the beautiful marine life that lives within the reef. You can sail around there or stay on land and take tours around it, including snorkeling, where you can swim among thousands of fish in all different colors, shapes, and sizes! Many turtles come to the shore and lay their eggs, some of which you can see. The reef is one of Australia’s most popular tourist attractions, and it is worth going to if you are visiting or even living in Australia.

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A long time ago, Aboriginals lived on these islands, but they were forced to move away to live somewhere else because there was no fresh water. However, the first Europeans who visited this place were Captain James Cook and his crew. In 1770 James Cook arrived for the first time on the coast of Queensland, which was called New Caledonia by Europeans. He sailed up the east coast of Australia while looking for places to find freshwater for his crew. While exploring this area, he discovered many bays, islands, and straits. He wrote in his logs that the site was a perfect place to build a Penal Colony for Europeans. In 1788 one of the First Penal Colonies was built on Palm Island, which is located close to the great barrier reef. It provided fresh water for people who were living there in case they needed it.

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However, later on, the Great Barrier Reef became a Penal Colony because hundreds of people were sent there to commit crimes and other reasons lived in it. There were over 2000 people around five years after the Penal Colony was established. The Penal Colony was complicated live in due to tropical diseases such as malaria and yellow fever, which killed many Europeans who arrived there. They built houses with bricks made from coral, but when they cut it down, sometimes water would come out of it because coral is an animal and not a plant, so anyone touching it or drinking its juices could be poisoned. The Penal colony closed in 1868. However, 100 men still stayed there afterward, working on roads, building bridges, or doing other jobs. Back then, there weren’t nearby towns or villages where you could buy food or clothes, so when the Penal Colony first opened, some of the convicts who were there actually had to make their clothes.

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