We had a hilltop park arashiyama bamboo grove, japan talk the other day with our guest from Cambodia, which we think showed how hilltop arashiyama has an appeal that goes beyond borders.

I’ve been hilltop to see the beautiful view of the five-story pagoda hill and hilltop at many different times of the year, but I never get bored. Last week as part of our series on hilltop parks, we talked about hilltop parks in general and how important they are for locals.

We knew that five-storied pagoda hill park is famous among tourists, so we talked about what it was like being a tourist there (above) and also what it’s like to be a tourist in hilltop parks generally.

hilltop park

We’ve also had hilltop park arashiyama bamboo grove, japan talks with our guests from Korea (below) and Taiwan and we’re happy to see how hilltop of japan has something for everyone.

I’d be interested to know what hilltop parks mean to you, and I hope that whether it’s near or far, hilltop parks worldwide will become more meaningful as time goes on.

Besides Five-Storied Pagoda Hill Park, there are many other sightseeing spots in the Arashiyama district. It is well known as one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Kyoto. The main gate into Arashiyama (pictured left) leads directly into hilltop park arashiyama bamboo grove, japan.


Arashiyama is a hilly area, and the hilltop parks are spread out like a fan stretching from hilltop park arashiyama bamboo grove, japan through to Okochi-Sanso Villa, which we talked about recently.

Arashiyama is famous for Togetsukyo Bridge, which crosses the Katsura River. The Edo Period bridge has inspired many writers, including poet Matsuo Basho (above). Afterward, he wrote in his diary, “my breast feels empty and lost; I am writing this beneath the moon.”

The view along hilltop hill just before you reach hilltop park arashiyama bamboo grove, japan is excellent (below). If you look closely, you can see hilltop park arashiyama, which was selected as one of the three hilltop parks in our hilltop park series.

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The hilltops have a nice view overlooking the hilltop river (above) and hilltop hill.

In this arashiyama bamboo grove, japan there are more than 1,000 mature trees. The line of tall bamboo on either side of the path from the entrance gate to the hilltop temple has always been a famous sightseeing spot. Walking further into the hilltop garden, there is a brook with an interesting rock formation at its entrance formed by rocks that were carried by water.

Once you reach a hilltop hill, a small arashiyama bamboo grove, japan, has some trees and benches where you can rest while enjoying the view. (there are lots of food stalls around hilltop hill too).

Arashiyama’s hilltops have been an inspiration for writers and artists at least since the 18th century. According to legend, one famous hill is old monkey mountain, which was once inhabited by an aging monkey who lived with his young wife. The couple accidentally burned their house down one night after falling asleep while smoking pipes. The hill is close to arashiyama bamboo grove, japan.

There are hillsides covered with maple trees in spring hilltop hill and hilltop hill. At hilltop hill, the maple trees are exceptionally splendid. Some of these hilltops are covered in cherry blossom trees in the spring hilltop garden and hilltop park arashiyama bamboo grove, japan.

Climbing hilltop hill or old monkey mountain is not challenging, but it’s a bit steep, so pace yourself if you decide to walk up hilltop hill or old monkey mountain. On kamikochicho (old monkey road), there used to be many spots where monkeys hung around before they were evacuated during World War 2.

The scenic spot that has drawn many tourists is the Togetsukyo bridge across the Katsura River, built by Hosokawa  Tadaoki in 1636 hilltop hill.

There is a hilltop park arashiyama bamboo grove at hilltop hill, japan with more than 1,000 mature trees and this brook nearby with rocks that were carried by water. It has been designated as one of the three hilltops in our hilltop park series.

The view from the hilltop gardens around Arashiyama gives you an excellent overview of the area, and it’s so relaxing to sit here while looking at north hillsides covered with maple trees or westward towards old monkey mountain.

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