Glamorous Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lopez Can’t Stop Wearing These Luxury Sweatpants

Glamorous Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lopez

Running pants radiated brilliantly last year. With a great many people home, comfortable clothing soar to a totally new degree of attractiveness. And keeping in mind that the occasions are changing (and with them, the favored uniform of decision for most), warm-up pants keep on ruling. Simply investigate the Hollywood road style scene, and you’ll perceive what we mean.


Not all running pants are made similarly, however, and if you’ve never attempted luxury sweats, you’re woefully passing up a major opportunity. Similarly, as there is an unmistakable contrast between an extravagant shoe made in Italy and a less expensive elective that probably won’t be as nicely planned, so is there one with a luxury pair of comfortable bottoms versus any ordinary ol’ style. Beneficial thing Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, and a large number of various celebs have discovered the planner sweats you had always wanted.

Lee Tien, a unisex attire brand that represents considerable authority in loungewear, has immediately assumed control over the Hollywood road style scene. What’s more, when you consider SJP and J.Lo rehash fans — as in, they’ve worn Les Tien sweats over and over — you realize you’ve become showbiz royalty.

SJP has worn Les Tien running pants on no less than five trips, and if you figure sweats can’t look stylish, her outfits will persuade you in any case. Parker has played top picks with the brand’s mainstream Heavyweight Classic Sweatpants, and she possesses them in different shadings, including exemplary heather dark and a poppier profound turquoise. She’s styled them with everything from high heels (yes!) to knee-high boots, and we need to say, her looks are so acceptable, she could change over even running pants haters. J.Lo has worn Les Tien’s exemplary sweats on different events also, adopting her particular cool young lady strategy with coordinating with hoodies and stout tennis shoes.

So what is it about these luxury sweats that have made them so interesting to these two style symbols? A ton, really. These jeans have an outline that is more fitted than most, which holds them back from looking excessively messy. They’re likewise 100% cotton and made in the USA (whoopee!). Each pair is in the long run scoured with a steel brush to give it a vintage look and feel, further adding to its in-vogue nature.

Extra focuses are acquired from the way that these Les Tien sweats have huge side pockets (an unquestionable requirement if you ask us), joined, elasticized sleeves that make flaunting shoes a breeze, and come in eight lovely tones.

In case you’re hoping to load up on loungewear once more, why settle for anything short of dynamite? What’s more, these Les Tien are staggering. Shop them underneath.

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