Flights to Maldives And Enjoy Its beauty in Luxury Maldives Resort. Maldives resorts is one of the dream destination for tourists who flights to the Maldives

flights to Maldives

The unique beauty and peacefulness of this place attract many tourists every year from all over the world. Each resort has its uniqueness, and they appeal to different people with their ways and views. Here I will write about my experience at Maldives resort that. While staying there, I learn by doing things. It is called Real Experience.

flights to the Maldives


Bangalore, flights to the Maldives make the Bangalore international airport the most sought-after destination by flights to Maldives travelers. The airport is located in Devanahalli, about 30 kilometers from downtown Bangalore and serves as a gateway for flights to the Maldives with flights from cities such as New Delhi flights to Kuwait, flights Mumbai flights cheap flights London, Chennai flights fast flights Mumbai Abu Dhabi and other parts of India.

Maldivian airlines are opening new routes

The national flag carrier of the Republic of Maldives has launched its operations at Bangalore International Airport(Kempegowda) with a Dreamliner aircraft on 30th May 2014. It comes within weeks of the opening flight services Toombs from flights to the Maldives to Male. To mark the launch of its Bangalore-Male flight, the national airline offers free bags allowance for check-in luggage on this new route of $100 per person in each direction.

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The inaugural flight took off at 03:15 hrs and reached Male at 11:10 hrs, thereby providing a kick start to direct Air connectivity from Bangalore to Male. Bangalore will now be connecting directly with another capital city, viz being Male known as garden Island’. It makes it the 6th destination from Bangalore, Colombo, Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, and Dhaka. Air connectivity between cities like Bangalore and Male has been a long demand of its citizens and tourists.

The total flights Maldivian Airlines flight tickets booking for this inaugural ticket sale of Male-Bangalore is $32,000; however, the airline, to promote their new destination, has waived off $30,000 as a discount used by visiting customers. It will indeed provide a fillip to travel trade and boost more interest from other cities for its services.

At first, when you reach Male airport

You have to go through some formalities before you board a yacht or seaplane for your final destination, which is a little bit far away from the capital city, where all things are a little bit different than what we know in our country.

But don’t get panic because everything is well managed from your arrival at Male airport to your final resort using a seaplane.

There is an agent who manages this thing for the guest; you may not go there yourself. They take care of whom and when you have to board the seaplanes and yachts. They also take care of all formalities needed before boarding, like documentation, etc.

Once you reach your destination by yacht or seaplane, immediately head toward the beach by walk or use a buggy near the jetty where the yacht/plane arrives. On the first day, usually, people feel unusual by heat and humidity, but it is normal, and it will disappear after few minutes only; that’s the beauty of Maldives. The place is too much beautiful that you have to discover that by yourself. You will get a chance to explore the resort and its location when you check in at reception. The rest of the time left is for beach swimming or whatever else you do there till the evening meal comes at 6 pm.

But don’t forget one thing do not swim far away from jetty/beach because sea current could be influential in some places so don’t feel safe wait some time till they bring food for all meals & drinks are served at this hour except breakfast which usually you have to ask to wake up call at 4 am and then go downstairs for breakfast which is always available at 7:30 am. Places you can’t miss in the Maldives

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Malé Atoll

Malé Atoll is a beautiful place to be in the Maldives for honeymooners and couples of all ages. It is one of the most popular Maldives resort destinations in the Maldives. Just a two-hour flight from Male International airport, Maldives, will get you here within 45 minutes. The weather is hot year-round with average temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, which suits well with Maldives resorts.

Maldives resorts are grouped into three main categories:


1) Water villas Maldives – Located on beaches or coral islands, these are the largest and most luxurious Maldives resorts.

2) Overwater Bungalows Maldives – Built on stilts above the lagoon with uninterrupted views and moorings for Maldives boats. This Maldives is a favorite among honeymooners as they offer romance combined with comfort.

3) Island Maldives Resorts – While not actually on an island, these Maldives resorts are usually located far away from other islands and villas. It allows the Maldives resort to be huge and have more than just a single beach.

There are quite some villas in Malé Atoll Maldives that attract honeymooners all year round. The most popular ones include:

1) Anantara Kihavah Villas Resort & Spa Maldives is an excellent choice if you want Maldives resorts on a small island. It has overwater villas, Maldives villas, and Maldives over-water bungalows. The villa area is enormous and provides some privacy for honeymooners.

2) Kuredu Island Resort & Spa Maldives features the broadest range of villa types in Maldives resorts. There are over 300 villas here, including mals, Mikko villas, lagoon beach villas, pool beach cabanas, deluxe beachside villas, sea view suites, and overwater villas.

Sun Island

Sun Island is an artificial island in Sun, the tourist resort in Alif Alif Atoll. Sun Island was created sun Island during the 80s to host Sun Resort, one of Maldive’s top luxury resorts. Sun Island has about 200 guest rooms and suites or five apartments with a wide range of facilities, including several restaurants and bars, a water sports center, a dive shop, a spa center, a gymnasium, and a shopping complex. Sun Island is located on North Male Atoll, approximately 30 minutes by seaplane from Male. It has over 7 miles of white sandy beach surrounded by crystal clear waters. It has become a favorite honeymoon destination for many couples who travel to the Maldives every year.

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The first phase of Sun Island resort opened the first phase of Sun Island resorts the first phase of Sun Island resort in 1984. Sun Island Resort was the first resort in the Maldives built with a minimum of two-story buildings, which were over 21m in height and not limited by building codes that applied. Sun Island Resort was built on Sun Reef, an artificial island created from dredging sand from the Sun Atoll lagoon to build Sun Island Hotel. The south end of Sun Island features several three-story high water villas opening to infinity pools lined up along the beachfront, while towards the north are more interconnecting water villas. Sun Island is the only resort in the Maldives using a Sun-tree logo as its distinctive feature.

Banana Reef

Banana Reef Hotel Maldives is a piece of heaven on earth. The banana reef has its private beach with a large expanse, house reef that offers endless excitement for snorkeling freaks, diving spots, and plenty of activities to choose from like windsurfing, banana boat rides, etc. Banana Reef is also situated at one of the best locations in North Male Atoll, close to the hub airport and local market, which makes it an ideal place for a complete getaway.

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Banana Reff is situated strategically between two small uninhabited islands Gaasholhu (The Shark island) and Duvandhoo (the Wild Boar island). The view from Banana Reef looks breathtaking as you can see the Great Barrier Reef in the distance. Banana Reef is also a part of the Banana Island group, which comprises Banana Beach, Banana Divers, and Banana Water sports. The extensive scale development works are going on at Banana Reef to make this place an exceptional holiday destination.

The room itself will fill you with awe once you enter the room door in Banana Reef Hotel Maldives. Banana hotel rooms are spacious and well lit up by full glass windows that give a panoramic view of the Great Barrier reef, coral garden, or beach. You can enjoy your breakfast while watching the beautiful sunrise through their large glass windows or can relax in the dim light coming from beautifully designed lamps at night. The double bed with a luxurious mattress will ensure the best sound sleep after a busy day exploring the paradise that is Male’ Atoll

Banana Reef Hotel does provide additional bedding for a child to make your stay more comfortable. Banana Reef Hotel has its minibar in each room, so when you are running short of snacks, drinks, or even candles, they will be available to order from the Banana Reef Reception desk. Banana Reef is also equipped with international cable TV channels and a telephone facility that adds extra comfort level in Banana Reef Hotel Maldives.

The bathrooms at Banana reef hotel have large shower cubicles attached with water geysers and a built-in flush lavatory system. The bathroom is very spacious that adds a luxury feel while bathing every day.

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