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Stonehenge is a significant place for England. It is located in England, Salisbury plain. Stonehenge was built about 5-3000 years ago. It is one of the most famous places in England today because it has great cultural value and was made by extraordinary people living at that time.

Writing Stonehenge view Stonehenge is a large monument Stonehenge. Stonehenge was built in the Stone Age Stone Ages from 3,000 to 2,000 BC. [10,000 BC to 2000 BC]. The ancient people call this place “Stone Ring.”

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But after many years of research, we can trace back that Stonehenge was built thousands of years ago for worship or religious purposes. Archaeologists suggest that it was used as an observatory and to observe the movements of stars at night. It may also have been used as a cemetery for burying dead bodies, and the heads were placed on top of rocks put there, especially for it, which has been confirmed by artifacts found around Stonehenge. Stonehenge is one of the most popular sites in Britain, attracting thousands of visitors each year. Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire, England, on Salisbury Plain, which covers approximately 350 square miles [904 square kilometers]. Stonehenge can be found on a tiny hill about half a mile [1.2 kilometers] away from Amesbury and Durrington, where Stone Age people lived around Stone Age to Stone Age to 2,000 BC Stone Age. Stonehenge was constructed to align with both the sunrise (the summer solstice) and sunset (the winter solstice) at the equinoxes during mid-winter and mid-summer, respectively. Its original purpose remains unknown, although it may have been used as a ritual monument or an observatory, or both. Stonehenge is one of Stonehenge’s most impressive sites that visitors come to see in Stone Ages Stone Age and Stone Age Stone Ages. Stone circle was built thousands of years ago, and its construction was started by people who lived in Stone Age and continued until 2,000 BC. Archaeologists suggest that Stonehenge can be built as a place for ceremonies purposes because many artifacts are found around Stonehenge, such as tools related to music and stone carvings that ancient people use to practice their beliefs.


One can know about England’s history from England Stonehenge because it contained many facts that helped us get into deep England culture and history. We can also tell about England’s civilization development from its stones, symbols, and all other historical things around England. Besides that, we can also learn English culture and how they lived from those ancient stones. And if you want to know more about England, you should visit tourist centers which give us information about England, England Stonehenge. England Stonehenge is a world heritage site that the English people in England created. England’s history can be learned from England’s Stonehenge because it contained the stones of ancient England. The creation of England Stonehenge started thousands of years ago and was finished around 3-4000 years ago. England Stonehenge is an early Neolithic monument built on land occupied by the modern town of Salisbury in Southern England, United Kingdom. Also made up of large standing stones set within earthworks in a circular setting, although most have been removed. It remains a popular tourist attraction, and over two million visitors come to see it every year.

Stonehenge is a place you should visit

England is a nation east of Scotland and south of Norway. It is part of the United Kingdom (UK) and Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The capital city is London.

In England, you will find many beautiful cities (e.g., London) but also some lovely nature areas like Cumbria (very high mountains) or Dartmoor (extensive moors). 

Stonehenge where is located in the county Wiltshire in the west of England. Stonehenge was built by ancient English people around 3500 years ago, during the stone age! It’s one of the most famous tourist attractions in England. Many tourists, especially from Europe and America, travel to Stonehenge every year.

The tourist information center in Salisbury will give you lots of information about the history of Stonehenge and other places to visit in England. 

So, what there is more to do than visiting famous attractions? The southwest coast of England is one of the most beautiful areas in the whole country. You can take a walk or cycle along the seaside or on the hills. Or you can relax on one of the many beautiful beaches! Further east (for example, in Norfolk), there are many rivers (the biggest is Thames River with Norwich on the riverbank as the most significant city). If you like fishing or sailing, this is a magnificent region to go to in England.

And if you like shopping, London is for sure a place to visit. There are lots of lovely shops and markets in London! To be more exact: There are 536 markets (30 market areas) and 5818 individual shops in the whole area of Greater London.

If you take a trip to ˜up north’ (north-east side of England), there are lots to see as well (e.g., beautiful nature moor, areas where the English people used to live 500 years ago, etc.).

The countries surrounding England are Wales (Cymru), Scotland (Alba), Northern Ireland (Ulaidh), and ˜across the sea’ Norway. 

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Various places of interest in England: Prideaux Place Bampton Castle Hollywell Priory Oxford University Great Yarmouth Sissinghurst Castle Liverpool Manchester Chester Canterbury Cumbria Dartmoor Stonehenge Stratford upon Avon Bath Buckingham Palace Winchester Salisbury Ely Cathedral Southampton York Warwick Castle Durham Aylesbury Chatsworth House The White Tower Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House Leeds Castle (near Maidstone in Kent ) and lots more…

Related to England and things to do in England: Cumbria Manchester London Salisbury Dartmoor Stratford upon Avon Buckingham Palace Norwich Bath Edinburgh Ely Cathedral Winchester (just outside Winchester ) Oxford University The White Tower Old Harry Rocks Another place that is close to the seaside is called ˜Southsea ‘. It is a small city in Hampshire. You can find many beautiful beaches around Southsea (for instance Portsmouth Harbour beach). There are even some water activities you can do there.

For more visitor places check here: Vacation Places Near Me Take a look at these vacation Places

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