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Banff is a small mountain town in Banff National park, located 80 km west of Calgary. Banff is the tourist capital of Canada and contains several attractions. Banff encompasses all of Banff National Park and surrounding areas, including Lake Louise and Jamieson Creek and the Banff springs hotel is beautiful in Banff.

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The town was established in 1883 due to the discovery of gold by George Stephen (founder of the Canadian Pacific Railway). Banff is surrounded by snow-capped mountains such as Mt Rundle and Cascade Mountain. Banff has a distinct dry continental sub-arctic climate resulting from it being in a rain shadow caused by the Rockies blocking moisture coming from the Pacific Ocean from entering Alberta.

Banff Springs hotel

Banff springs hotel is located north of Banff, Alberta, Canada, at the entrance to the Canadian Rockies. It was designed by Francis Rattenbury and built by the Canadian Pacific Railway between 1888 and 1890. Banff National Park was founded as one of the first national parks in North America. The Banff Springs hotel had an initial construction cost of $3 million – $62 million CPI (in 2008 dollars).


“Embraced by the looming mountains and embraced by time; Banff springs hotel is situated on a rock outcrop overlooking Little Banff lake; where little Banff creek tumbles into three spectacular waterfalls on its way to join Leanchoil river and flows into bow river.”

The Town of Banff

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Banff is a town in Alberta, Canada. The Town of Banff was founded as a railway town during the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and incorporated as a town on September 9, 1885. The railway significantly boosted the local economy by providing supplies for railroad workers and materials to build the line and stimulate business at hotels and stores in what would become Banff. The rail link also allowed easy access to markets for local beef, pork and grain products.

Sulphur Mountain


Sulphur Mountain is located in the Bow Valley, approximately five km east of downtown Banff. This mountain can be accessed by Sulphur Mountain gondola, hiking and snowshoeing trails. The Sulphur Mountain Gondola was opened to the public on August 14, 1932, after three years of construction. It was initially called “The Banff – Sulphur Springs Gondola”. Sulphur Mountain has an elevation of 2178m above sea level. Sulpher Mountain is also known as Mount Allen, and its real name is Mount Chalmers.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a small town located just 15 minutes from Lake Louise, Lake Moraine and Lake Columbia in the Canadian Rockies. Lake Louise itself is one of Alberta’s most famous recreation areas, surrounded by towering mountain peaks and several glaciers. It is home to numerous activities year-round, including hiking, fishing and camping and accommodations for those who wish to stay overnight.

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Lake Louise and the surrounding area is home to many native mammals such as bears, coyotes, mule deer, elk and mountain goats. Several birds roam the site, including bald eagles, blue herons, peregrine falcons, and golden eagles.

Château Lake Louise

Château Lake Louise or Château Lake Louise Resort is a historic hotel in Banff, Alberta. Château Lake Louise and the Chateau are both official names of the facility as it is known to different segments of the public. However, Chateau Lake Louise has been one of its longest-used name variants since 1907. The Château was built by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company (GTPR) to attract affluent travellers from Eastern Canada to Banff and Rocky Mountain House. It became part of the Canadian National Hotels chain after GTPR’s successor company Canadian National Railways sold its hotels division in 1930. Chateau Lake Louise served these same purposes for CN until 1971 when CN transferred operation responsibilities of Château Lake Louise back to Canadian National Hotels. Château Lake Louise was named a National Historic Site in 1984 and is now operated by Parks Canada as Château Lake Louise under an agreement between CN (which remains the property owner) and Parks Canada.

Lake Louise Hike

Some of the hikes around Lake Louise, just 18 kilometres north of Banff and 30 minutes away from Banff National Park gateways. Hiking in Lake Louise is a beautiful experience and one not to be missed. Hikes around Lake Louise offer some of the most spectacular scenery available anywhere in Canada.

This part of Alberta is nestled between the Bow Valley Parkway and Highway 93A at about 2,135 metres above sea level. On its western side, it is bordered by Cascade Mountain and several smaller peaks that rise as high as 2,500 m (8,202 ft). Many trails lead into this wonderland, but those who are new to hiking should remember that, in general, these trails are far steeper and rockier than you may be used to. Hiking at Lake Louise is an adventure not to be missed.

Moraine Lake

Moraine lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada. It’s located in Banff National Park, Alberta. Its water is a different shade of blue depends on the weather. When it’s sunny, it is as clear as ice, and when there are clouds or fog over the top, you can see distinct colours from green to brown to blue, even orange, depending on how thick the fog is. The name moraines refer to the glacial debris that covers this valley. This stunning lake sits at 1178 meters above sea level. It is founding by glaciers 10-13 thousand years ago created many hills around that have grown into forest-covered mountains. Moraine Lake Moraine Lake has a surface area of 0.2 square kilometres, making it the third-largest lake in Banff National Park. It is named after the moraines near its southern shore. The trail reaches this hut takes around 3 hours (one way) from lakeshore to the waterfall or back again, including a 10-minute stop at Johnston Canyon on your round trip. Another option is to make your way up to Johnston Canyon first, then follow the Cairn Valley route for a stunning view of Moraine Lake at sunset View from the top.

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Sunshine Village Ski Resort Sunshine Village Ski Resort is a ski resort located in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Sunshine Village is one of the largest ski resorts in North America and was the first Major Ski Area to open on the Canadian Rockies. Sunshine boasts 305 centimetres (120in) of snowfall annually, providing skiers with nearly unlimited skiing and riding for roughly six months each year.[1] Sunshine Village has been named The #1 Ski Resort in Canada by SKI Magazine four years running and called The #10 Snowiest Resort in North America by [2]. Sunshine also hosts numerous world-class competitions every year, including World Cup events for Downhill Racing, Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding.

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