In the late 1980s, Japanese animation became a mass production, as it had never been before. The main reason for this was because of the success of the Japanese television program “Akira“. This anime series was so influential that the influence became so great that people began to draw their own animated movies in the style of “Akira“. It was this video that inspired a young boy, Shinya Tsukamoto, to become a filmmaker.


Akira is a Japanese animated science fiction film produced by Japanese animation studio, Studio 4°C. The film was directed by Katsuhiro Otomo and features character designs by the late, legendary artist, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.

Akira Movie Characters’


Over the past few years, there has been a rise of people nowadays who are interested in Japanese animation and animated movies. This has been mainly because there are no movies of this genre released in the English language. However, for one to be a true fan of Japanese animation, one must be able to read Japanese, understand its nuances and translate it into English.


Kaneda is the main character in the 1982 Japanese animated feature film “Akira“. He is the main protagonist of the film, as well as the creator of the biker gang that becomes the motorcycle gang biker gang that is the antithesis of the authoritarian organization known as The Syndicate.


The year is 2019, and the world is a far cry from the futuristic vision portrayed in the movie Akira. A world where governments have outlawed the possession of all firearms, where robots have replaced all forms of factory labor, and where the only thing that can be purchased is a small plastic sphere that can be implanted into the body to provide artificial life. This is a world where the Tokyo Police Force is completely devoid of human contact; a world where to keep the peace, the police have turned their backs on human justice.


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Kei is the Japanese word for “key.” It means “the spirit of the road,” or “the spirit of the wind.” Kei is a term used for a character in the Akira Japanese animation movie. Kei is a young, rebellious, anti-hero with no sense of purpose. He is a troubled soul but also a strong-willed spirit. Kei’s indomitable spirit is what makes him so popular with the viewers. The movie Akira is an anime film based on the manga, Akira, by Katsuhiro Otomo. It is set in the year 2019 and deals with themes of human desire, the power of beliefs, and the nature of reality. Kei, a young boy who lives in a futuristic world, is separated from his best friend K as he is taken away to work on the space station Space Colony 1. While Kei is in space, K works to try and reunite Kei with his family. This film is visually stunning and tells a fascinating story. The animation in Kei is beautiful and draws you in, capturing your heart and your brain.


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In the year 2019, North America and Japan are subjected to the apocalypse. The Japanese government sends a team of psychic soldiers, known as the Akira, to investigate the cause. Their leader is named Tetsuo. Tetsuo is a character in an anime film called Akira. He is a psychic and is a clear metaphor for the effects of radiation on the human body. He is known for having an extremely short life span, which also happens to be the point where he dies.

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