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Eating out has always been the greatest thing to do, especially for people who are unable to cook themselves. Whether you’re at the office, relaxing at home, or just about spending some time with friends, eating out is always a good way to kill boredom and enjoy your meal. But with the pandemic happening in your country, it’s important to take note of even the smallest things that could be life-saving. Don’t worry though; there are still ways on how to enjoy your meal while staying healthy and safe. To help you do just that, here are some tips that you can follow when eating out during this period of time.

1. Do not eat anything that is not sealed well

The first and most important step you should always take when eating out and there’s no one to prepare your meal for you. It might be a bit tricky at times, but do not eat any type of food that is not properly wrapped or packaged. As much as possible, avoid consuming raw foods because these types of dishes might contain bacteria and viruses that can make you ill.

It is also best to avoid buffet-style restaurants. Buffets are popular because they allow people to sample an infinite number of dishes in a single sitting, which is especially useful when hungry. However, it’s important to remember that buffet restaurants are vulnerable to contamination since the meals aren’t protected or sealed properly.

2. Make sure the restaurant is sanitary

Before consuming any food, it is critical to ask yourself “Is this restaurant safe to eat?” If there’s one thing that restaurant owners tend to forget, it would be how important it is to keep their place clean. When eating out in any type of establishment, always make sure that the place where your food is being prepared is clean. It might be one of the most difficult things to know for sure, but it’s always best to be safe than sorry.

To prevent illness, avoid locations that aren’t well-maintained. Places with dirty or clogged drainage, tables, and utensils are examples of this. To avoid flies and other pests that might make you sick, make sure the floors and tables are properly cleaned.

3. Be mindful while using restrooms

One of the most unsanitary places you’ll probably come across would be the restroom. Unless it’s an all-day restaurant, there are just some establishments that do not regularly clean their restrooms. As much as possible, avoid using any type of toilet in a restaurant unless you’re sure it’s well maintained.

But even if they are properly maintained, you still need to be mindful of how you use the restroom. Be mindful of the floor and walls, as well as if there are any stains or marks on them. Make sure not to touch anything without wearing food-handling gloves and try to avoid touching anything that looks grimy or unclean. Make sure to use sanitizers before and after you use the restroom.

4. Avoid crowded places

Eating out during this time is already difficult. People are flocking to malls and restaurants just to get a bite of what’s good and it makes it even harder for you to focus on eating healthily. Avoid going to crowded places, especially if they’re tourist attractions because chances are, that you may come in contact with people who are already ill. So make sure that when eating out, avoid eating at packed restaurants and opt for those that are not as crowded.

5. Get drinks from sealed bottles or cans

This is more of a reminder than anything, but by now you should know that the most important thing to remember when eating out is to keep everything sanitary. Make sure you get your drink from sealed sources because this can help reduce contact with germs and viruses on the surface. It is also important to avoid drinks with ice because they can contain water from contaminated sources.

Eating out has always been a great way to enjoy your meals while still being able to socialize with your friends and family. But with the current pandemic that is happening in your country, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of what you’re getting yourself into. Avoid eating anything that hasn’t been tightly wrapped or packaged.

Also make sure you’re mindful of how the food was prepared, where it’s being cooked, and who or what is handling your food. Be mindful of restroom conditions to avoid contact with any harmful germs that might be lurking on the floor. It’s also best to avoid crowded restaurants because they can be breeding grounds for viruses and other types of illnesses. Just remember to take caution in everything you do to stay healthy when eating out in restaurants during the pandemic.


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